Monday, February 7, 2011

Crash Course on Triathlon Training

I've got to do a better job keeping up with my blog! Nothing too exciting has been going on the past few weeks to be honest. I'm consistently spinning, running more, cooking more, and of course eating more! Last week, my mom, my sister, and our 2 best friends plus their mom, had a girl's night out at Eurasia, a restaurant in the west end of RVA that serves a wonder blend of Asian and American meals, from rosemary and gorgonzola-crusted rib eye steak, shrimp and gouda grits, to ahi tuna over soba noodles with peanut sauce and pork belly pot stickers. Everything was great, and especially the company I was with!

The other place a tried last week was Off the Hookah, a new night club and restaurant in downtown RVA that serves up an array of Mediterranean food and dazzling belly dancers. My co-worker and I got VIP seating, which included a very kind and generous waitress and a view of sexy dancing on the dance floor. We ordered a tobacco/drug-free Hookah in "Wildberry" flavor. I
t was like inhaling bubble gum. I enjoyed it but that could be nostalgia from my old cig habit. I must admit, it was a lot of fun, and I definitely would go back again.

So... Now on to fitness. This week I decided to sign up for Endorphin Fitness's crash course into Triathlon training. Endorphin Fitness is a leading provider in adult and youth triathlon training and fitness. They just upgraded their fitness center with a store-front expansion, filled with professional road bikes, tools and clothing and equipment galore. I feel very entry-level when I walk in, but the staff is friendly and welcoming when I signed up for the week. Today's class consisted of flexibility and core exercises. I haven't done any type of core, strength training or stretching moves since I broke my arm, so I was definitely looking forward to this class. I had already gone to spin during my lunch break so this would be the perfect compliment to my full-body workout.

The core part of the class was hard. At least for me since I was out of commission for a few months. The stretching was hard too! It made me realize I need to get back into Bikram Yoga again. I've definitely lost my flexibility for sure! The rest of the week will continue with even more challenging classes... Cycling, transition, running, and swimming techniques along with a Friday night group party. It will surely be a good time, I'm definitely looking forward to it!

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