Monday, January 17, 2011

A look back at Food

OK... I found all these photos of great food I've either dined on or made. I felt I should share some of these delicious photos. Let's start by theme. My most favorite to photograph would have to be Sushi. I eat sushi 3 or 4 times a week on average. Sometimes it can reach every day of the week. Richmond offers quite a variety:

Best "grocery store" sushi: Fresh Market
#1 RVA Sushi : Umi (and their sister restaurant, Ichiban!)
#2 Best RVA Sushi (owned by the same man): Osaka, Sushi-O, Wild Ginger
#3 Best RVA Sushi: Mai Sushi

I could go on and on about other great sushi in Richmond, but there's the top of the line.

The next food genre on my list follows closely behind sushi and resembles it quite a bit... Seafood! It's lean, healthy, filled with omega 3's... Who d
oesn't like seafood (unless your allergic I guess)? Some of the best seafood I've had was made right home... For example, on Christmas Eve, we enjoyed amazing oysters, cooked on pewter oyster trays with toppings like spinach, garlic, butter, hot sauce, and old bay. OH SO GOOD. I could eat at least a dozen of these alone.

What's next... Oh, the obvious. Italian. Because I'm Italian! Well, specifically Sicilian... And boy does my family know good Italian food. I'd say our family meatball recipe beats out any other meatball in town. I also make amazing fried eggplant, except I use panko crumbs, and coat my sliced eggplant with egg whites to hold the panko crumbs together, followed by fresh mozzarella medallions, garlic and red pepper flake. I pretty much put red pepper flake on everything I eat - from eggs to eggplant!
And lets not forget Pizza. I try to steer clear of generic pizza, but a gourmet pizza from Stuzzi or Sette? Sure! Homemade pizza with toppings like spinach, artichoke, prosciutto, roasted red peppers and turkey pepperoni? Sure! Typically I make homemade pizzas using Flat Out Light wraps. First, you toast them with a little spray olive oil Pam, then layer on the pizza sauce, toppings and cheese! They can be lots of fun to make and super healthy too if you choose the right ingredients. I've made pesto pizza using Knorr's pesto seasoning mix with water (bring to boil so it mixes up to a creamy paste), and adding zucchini, spinach, artichokes and mushrooms with low fat thinly shredded mozzarella. Viola! The pest is a whole 60 calories, and the flat out is 90. Who knew?
And let's not forget Italian Wedding Soup. Brio makes a great Italian Wedding Soup, plus there's a little heart made out of parmesan cheese.... Fantastic presentation if I don't say so myself!

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