Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blinded by the (Florida) Light

Hello hello! Wow, it's amazing what a mini vacation will do to your mood (and your belly)! While I've been running each day while in sunny Fort Myers, Florida, I can't help but over indulge as I freeload off my parents for the extended weekend. I flew in around midnight Wednesday and hit the pool immediately the next morning. The weather down here is perfect. 82 degrees and sunny all week/weekend long.

The shopping is also quite amazing. Miromar Outlets in Estero (between Naples and Fort Myers) has over 140 designer outlet stores, which my Mom and I managed to run through in a mere 2.5 hours. We spent the majority of this time in Off the 5th, where I probably tried on 28 things and only left with 2: a Tory Birch tunic and a pair of True Religion jeans. So pleased.

The next day consisted of another pool and shopping spree. I laid out for 4 hours straight, and then headed to the infamous juice factory for a frozen treat with the 'rents. When I say "juice factory," I really mean Sun Citrus Harvest. It's a huge fruit distributor with a museum like store filled with Florida themed knick-knacks and the best orange/vanilla swirl frozen yogurt. We've been going there ever since I was a kid and for some reason it generated the nickname "Juice Factory" that stuck... After a bit more shopping (Ralph Lauren polo bikini and cable knit sweater), it was time to head home and hit up happy hour at the Club! Cocktails and an amazing dinner of filet mignon, sweet potato puree and french onion soup to start. So good... Afterwards, we headed to Barnes and Noble for coffee, reading and catching up on work - another family tradition down here in Florida. It sounds lame, but to us, it's quite nice to enjoy coffee and a magazine after dinner.

Today managed to top yesterday. After a morning run, we headed gulf coast ride. We stopped by Salty Sam's Marina on Fort Myer's Beach for a bite to eat - blackened mahi mahi and sweet potato fries plus a few havana mango mojitos. Why not? I'm on vacation after all! During the ride home we spotted a few dolphins... they literally swam along the boat, it was awesome...

Fast forward to tonight. We headed to La Casita, yet another regular dining spot of the
Nuara family. I split a pitcher of Sangria with my parents and we dined on soft tacos, chicken and steak fajitas, and of course salsa and guacamole. I almost walked home in an attempt to burn off just 1 glass of Sangria... Oh well, it was worth it!

So tomorrow is my last day in the sun. I'm sad to leave but excited to get home to my regular routine. I'm digging my tan, even if it meant a few burnt areas! My mini vaca was definitely needed, only now I have the spring bug and I'm ready for the summer. Bring it on!

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  1. The weather has been wonderful here too. Glad you had a good time