Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let the Triathlon Training Begin

HURRAY! I just bought my first road bike! Isn't it fierce?

It's a 2010 Fuji Newest 3.0 from Performance Bikes here in Richmond. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait to ride it. I finally have a decent road bike to train and race for this season's triathlon races. I plan to participate in at least 3 triathlons this year (if I can afford to sign up for them), and I'd love to do this duathlon too. Regardless, I am super excited to just enjoy rides on my new bike. I'm picking it up this Friday along with my bike rack and 2-year service warranty.

If anyone has any suggestions of routes to try, let me know. Or if you want to go for a ride, let me know! I could always learn a few new tricks.


  1. jeanne--it's such a small world! i saw you come up on my blog reader b/c i follow eating richmond, and i was like "i know that girl!" (im margaret and courtney's friend) i really enjoyed reading your posts, and im really happy for you and all your accomplishments! and im seriously jealous of your triathloning! good luck with everything :) -lindsay bothe,

  2. Jeanne- Congrats on the New Bike purchase! You should be excited as cycling is a great way to see the countryside, burn some calories, and work up an appetite. I also linked here from eating richmond and wanted to offer up a few suggestions for rides! My primary recommendation is one for debate but that I would encourage you to not be a car topper. What is that exactly? Well someone who drives their bike to where they are going to ride...sometimes this is unavoidable but I encourage you to try and always leave from your house and make loops from there. For me, it is simply more fulfilling this way. Second, I would say try the Richmond to Ashland route. It's about 42-45 miles round trip from my house (Westover Hills so figure out how that works relative to where you live) and is relatively flat and easy going. 40 miles sounds like a lot but if you are in decent shape is no more than a 2-4 hour ride with a stop. Perfect for a weekend. Lastly, I have linked to my blog on cycling. Feel free to contact me there and I'll see if I can't tailor up a post for your cycling needs and get you headed in the right direction for a decent ride! Let me know what kind of distance you need to be training for and what area of town you will be leaving from and we can work it out from there. Have fun spinning!