Friday, December 17, 2010

A New Day, A New Year

Happy New Year Y'all! Wow, I'm absolutely mortified by the length of time it has taken me to update my blog... But I'm back! After breaking my arm on Thanksgiving, I've yet to get back on the running wagon. I gave up my marathon goal for now, since I missed the first 6 weeks of my winter training program, but that hasn't held me back. In the past few weeks I've picked up spinning as my new workout obsession. I've always enjoyed spin classes in the past, but when presented with no other option (i.e. unable to run), spinning has become my lifeline. Over the holidays, I've somehow managed to maintain my weight despite the increase in holiday eating and lack of running. I've hit the road or treadmill about 5 or 6 times since my spill, but spin and stair climb 3 or 4 times a week instead. It's amazing the amount of calories and sweat you burn in just 1 hour of class. I absolutely love it!

On another note, the holidays were great. Filled with food, wine, friends and family. It even snowed on Christmas day! New Years was a lot of fun too. We went to Capital Ale House for StyleWeekly's New Year's bash with Three Sheets to the Wind performing. They were incredible... While the holidays were amazing and so much fun, I'm kind of glad it's all over and I can get back into a routine and prepare for the cold months ahead. Without the marathon training to keep me motivated, I've decided to keep up the cross-training and enjoy the winter with variety and change. I do however have a few other new years resolutions outside of my normal routine:

1. Save money. It's time. I've managed to pay off my high-interest credit card but now I'm ready to really save some money for the big investments down the road. I want to be smarter about spending and budget better in 2011. Although my love for shopping and dining out will probably hinder this goal...

2. Move up in my career. I've made it into the project management and HR industry, now it's time to become a professional. I want to take on more projects, lead and support more projects, learn the terminology and maybe even become PMP certified.

3. Travel somewhere new. I made it to the west coast twice in 2010, and now I want to go somewhere new. I'd love to make it over the pond, but I'd settle for somewhere in the US I've never been to as well. Just NEW!

4. Tri, Tri, Tri again. I am looking forward to racing in several triathlons this year. The schedule for 2011 recently came out and John signed us up to be members of the Richmond Tri Club. I will definitely do the Napier sprint tri that I did last year again, plus I'd like to try an open water swim if I can. Now that my gym has a new pool, I want to get back in the water more. I also desperately want to invest in a decent road bike. I've been looking on craigslist, ebay and a few bike shops, but I'm hesitant to buy such an expensive item until the Spring when I can use it all the time.... It'll happen though, I'm sure of it!

5. Cook and eat healthy. I cooked and baked many things this year, and I can't wait to try more. I want to be a better cook, eat healthier and enjoy new restaurants. I love trying new foods and new recipes. I'm super excited about Weight Watcher's new Points Plus program too and I plan to participate in it, not necessarily to lose but maintain my weight and learn some new nutritional information.

I think that's all for now. I'm sure these will change over the year but no matter what, the theme of 2011 is to improve my quality of life, be more dynamic, learn new facts and laugh more. I wish all of you a happy new year and best of luck in 2011!

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  1. Love the resolutions. I'm so proud of you and all you've already accomplished that I have no doubts you will reach your goals this year. Way to stay positive! I look forward to participating in that Tri with you this year! You go.