Monday, March 7, 2011

I Want My Baby Back Ribs

I tried another new recipe today. This one turned out better than the lasagna I made a couple weeks ago (which turned into noodle, eggplant and mushroom marinara soup). Tonight we ate Baby Back Ribs! At Trader Joe's (I know, I'm obsessed), they sell racks of baby back ribs at a pretty decent price and quality. I got a large rack of ribs for $8 bucks. The plan was to have John put them in the oven, covered in foil with nothing but salt and pepper on them for 4 to 5 hours at 275 degrees. Since I forgot to ask him to do this until 2pm, they only cooked for 3.5 hours at 300, but they were still tender. Afterwards, I coated them in Famous Dave's Rich and Sassy BBQ Sauce, followed by Part Time Party Porker Sweet and Heat BBQ Sauce. I got it at a food and wine tasting over the holidays. It's amazing. It definitely packs some heat! The ribs go back in the oven for another half hour covered in foil to let the sauce sink in, and viola! Fall off the bone, finger lickin' baby back ribs. I paired them with grilled asparagus and rice and broccoli. It was so good! I will definitely make this recipe again. Thank you to my co-worker, Jessica for your recipe and help - they turned out great!


  1. I made coq au vin yesterday with fresh coq off the farm. I wanted Taylor to take some pictures, because I thought you would enjoy them, but forgot to ask before dinner time came and went. I love ribs. Sounds like you did them just right:)

  2. they are good the next day as well

  3. Famous Daves mmmm... now you're making me crave meat!!! (side note:) If you're ever looking for a guest blogger I'm your gal! Check out my blog and follow me back! Cheers!
    - Liz