Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hi, I'm a Mac.

I'm so excited about my birthday present this year that I have to share the news on my blog too, even if it's not food or fitness related (and 2 weeks until my actual birthday).

This year, I asked for a really big gift, but I've stuck by my decision ALL YEAR. I have never been happier about my choice - a Macbook Air. I went for the 13 inch instead of 11 since I think I'm over the whole "small laptop" trend, but definitely still into the "light as a feather" idea. I now have a 2 lb laptop that's so thin- like a legal pad, and weighs about that much too. I've already set up preferences and settings but I have so much to learn. Thank god for John and his computer savvy skills. My favorite feature about a Mac is by far the ability to scroll without ever leaving the touch pad. What a great idea!

So... I'll stop rambling on, but just had to share my exciting news. I'm thrilled to be a Mac user once and for all.

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  1. YAY!!! I just got my mac book a couple months ago and I LOVE it! I could never go back to a PC!