Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Countdown Love

Just as Homesliceva was inspired by her friend Stanley, I was also inspired by my friend and co-worker Stanley's post called "The Countdown." His blog recaps his many accomplishments in 2010, and what else must be done before 2010 is over. Stanley is by far one of the most inspiring people I've met. His struggle with weight loss is something I can relate to and his 150 pound weight loss accomplishment in 2009 is 3 times more than my weight loss success! I'm so proud of him and especially for his most recent goal related to his orientation, and he knows why. So it's no surprise I wanted to write my own 2010 Countdown as well.

What I've accomplished so far in 2010...

1. The first date I had with my boyfriend was a trail run on Buttermilk Trail followed by dinner at Cielito Lindo. Definitely a first. I am now in love with trail running (and my boyfriend!).

2. I took my first trip across the country to San Diego for work. I attend the annual SHRM conference all by myself and even got to visit the infamous San Diego Zoo. It was amazing, and the food on the west coast is fantastic btw.

3. I rented a car for the first time. I know this is not an accomplishment, but felt the need to share. It was a gangster Christler 300, but I got to cross the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

4. I visited Lands End in San Francisco, the site where my oldest sister passed away. By far this was the hardest and most emotional moments of 2010 for me and by far the most important.

5. I bought and rode my first road bike. Across the Huguenot Bridge. OMG.

6. I participated in my first "all by myself" race. The Capital 10 Miler was a tough one to do alone. Who has fun running for an hour and a half all by yourself? I had to really focus on music, the scenic view and my desire to break 90 minutes in my first competitive 10 miler. Check!

7. I completed my first Triathlon. This is one of my favorite accomplishments. I've been wanting to participate in a triathlon ever since my sister Diana and I had planned to do one together. I finally just signed up all on my own and it was the best decision I ever did.

8. I completed my 2nd half marathon and my first "bad race". Last Saturday was Richmond's Marathon, Half Marathon and 8k. I've been training for the past 10 weeks for this race and bombed it. Yes, I finished. But a wopping 12 minutes slower than last year's time - 2:10. While I'm disappointed in my time, I'm still very pleased that I finished.

9. I finally moved into a new role at my company. I'm still in HR but I finally feel that my career is going in the right direction.

10. I started my first blog. I'm happy to say that I've quite enjoyed this outlet to share my 2 passions - food and fitness. I was worried I wouldn't be into it as much as I am, and it's been very enjoyable.

So those are the accomplishments and "firsts" of 2010. What's left? Well, I have another half marathon in December - the Kiawah Island Half Marathon in Charleston, SC. I'm excited to keep up my training through Thanksgiving and I definitely want to race in a few small races until the end of the year. I'm also truly considering my first marathon. Another friend and co-worker brought up the idea of the Shamrock Marathon in March 2011 and the winter training program that begins next month. It perked my interested because I didn't think about a winter training program... I was hesitant to consider a full marathon because I thought all of them were near the end of the summer and I'd have to train all summer long. I didn't want to do this because next year I want to participate in several triathlons and not worry about the long distance running races next summer. It never occurred to me I could train in the winter and race in the spring! Something to think about as 2010 comes to end. I'll certainly keep everyone posted (posted, get it? LOL)!

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  1. Jeanne, you inspire me everyday. You really have a passion for all that you do! Thanks for always being there for me! Love you!