Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tuesday Night Special

Every fan restaurant in #rva has a special deal on a certain night of the week. I love looking up happy hour specials, "date night" specials and of course I'm "that girl" who surfs for the best $25 gift cards money can buy (yes, I can get $25 gift cards for 2 bucks!). I thought I'd share a particular favorite, mainly because I don't think of crab legs being a specialty in Richmond. F.W. Sullivans, at the corner of Stafford and Main (formerly Easy Street), offers a Tuesday night special of a bucket of crab legs (3 clusters, approximately 1 lb.), and corn on the cob for $10. Honestly, where can you find such a good deal for just ten bucks? And it's a LOT of crab. Unfortunately, I'm awful at removing the shells so it took me a good hour to finish the whole bucket. Defintitely a must if you want a good deal for cheap... Get crackin'!

So while this bucket had plenty of
food, don't you feel like crab is just not enough to satisfy you as a meal? We sure didn't... So what do the girls of #413 do when we are still hungry after eating a bucket of crab legs? Hit up Red Lobster for some cheddar biscuits, that's what! Somehow, we got this crazy idea to pick up cheddar biscuits to-go. You can order a dozen of 'em for $3.99. What a bargain. And boy did we enjoy them... It was a great way to round out our cheap meal for the night, and an awesome breakfast in the morning too!


  1. I think the only thing I truly love from Red Lobster are their cheddar biscuits. It makes me happy they sell them by the dozen. Yes, it makes me happy and it will make me fat. Ugh.

  2. Weird coming from Ms. I hate chain restaurants...